The Role of the Female Pastor's Husband
the first gentleman book


Dr. Jacqueline Taylor is the wife of Deacon Jarris Taylor, Sr., for forty-six years and the proud mother of four and grandmother of ten.

Her educational background includes a BA in theology from Virginia Theological Seminary, a MA in leadership in teaching and an Administrator I Certificate from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, a MDiv from the Easter Baptist Theological Seminary of Lynchburg, Virginia, and a DMin in practical theology at Wesley Theological Seminary.

She served as an adjunct instructor teaching multiculturalism at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in collaboration with Clergy United for Renewal in East Baltimore (Dr. Melvin B. Tuggle, II, CURE, President) and Johns Hopkins Health Promotion (Dr. Diane Becker, Director). She also was the founder and organizer of the East Baltimore Reading and Resource Tutorial Program.


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Step by step the husband of the woman pastor, while establishing their own identity and worth, must grow into the unique call to support their spouse’s ministry. Through the pondering of biblical couples such as of Deborah and Lapidoth, Priscilla and Aquila; through the mining the story of the emerging equalitarian leadership of the House of God Church; and most of all, through a careful ethnographic study of ten First Gentlemen, Jacqueline Taylor outlines some of those steps. And in doing that she makes a significant contribution to the life of the church in the twenty-first century.

Dr. Lewis A. Parks Professor of Theology