The First Gentleman: The Role of the Female Pastor’s Husband

Men, discover how to effectively support your wife in the ministry. Women leaders, this is an in-depth exploration of the role of your husband in your ministry.

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Gospel Concert

You are cordially invited to a Gospel Concert featuring Children of the Kingdom, Katie Jackson and Russell Tripline  on Saturday, September 24, 2016 (4pm).

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  • Step by step the husband of the woman pastor, while establishing their own identity and worth, must grow into the unique call to support their spouse’s ministry. Through the pondering of biblical couples such as of Deborah and Lapidoth, Priscilla and Aquila; through the mining the story of the emerging equalitarian leadership of the House of God Church; and most of all, through a careful ethnographic study of ten First Gentlemen, Jacqueline Taylor outlines some of those steps. And in doing that she makes a significant contribution to the life of the church in the twenty-first century.

    Dr. Lewis A. Parks
    Professor of Theology, Ministry, and Congregational Development Wesley Theological Seminary
  • This topic is not talked about in the mainstream but Dr. Taylor has brought women leadership in the church to the forefront in this confrontational book. I love it! If I ever marry a Pastor, I have a thoughtful and insightful guide to help me.

    E. Hill
    CEO of Marketing Frm
  • You are to be commended for penning such a scholarly, well written, and properly documented resource, The First Gentleman: The Role of the Female Pastor’s Husband. I enjoyed reading this informative book and learned much from the various discussions contained therein. Many parishioners who have female pastors have often pondered this topic and will be enlightened by reviewing the topic as you have presented it.

    Trial Elder Clara B. Williams
    International Missionary Outreach Society